Annual Reviews

Each year we now produce an 'Annual Review' for Friends and Members, which incorporates a summary of our formal Year-end Report, plus what we hope are some interesting highlights of the year in question.

Previous Annual Reviews can be downloaded here:

2020 Annual Review

2019 Annual Review

2018 Annual Review

2017 Annual Review

2016 Annual Review

2015 Annual Review

2014 Annual Review

2013 Annual Review

Members and Friends are sent these annual reviews as soon as they are produced each summer, and have an opportunity to attend our AGM each October and raise any issues.

If you would like to become a Friend, you can read more on our Join Us page, and then complete the application form.


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Survey of visitors

One of the continuous issues that face the Trustees is the usage of Magog Down by dog walkers.survey_453

On Monday 14th July 2014 from 8am to 10.30am a survey was completed and the Trustees thought it would be useful to share this information.
  • 42 visitors were logged (cars) of whom 38 were dog walkers.
  • Of the 38 dog walkers, only 12 were Friends or Members of the Trust.
  • Of the 38 dog walkers, 36 were regular visitors.
  • Of the 38 dog walkers, 30 had 1 dog, seven had 2 dogs and
    one had 3 dogs with them.

Analysing these results and extrapolating, we conclude therefore that:

  • 70% to 80% of weekday visitors are dog walkers.
  • 70% of these walkers are not Friends or Members of the Trust.
The annual cost to the Trust for servicing dog walking on Magog Down comes to in excess of £4000 for the provision of dog waste bins, emptying these twice weekly, and paying for removal of the waste. In addition many thousands of pounds have recently been spent in replacing and maintaining paddock and other fencing in order to provide a path which can be used for walking dogs off lead while protecting our livestock and other dog-free areas.
If you walk your dog on Magog Down and are not yet a Friend, please support the work of the Trust by becoming a Friend  or if you prefer, simply making a donation, and thus helping to pay for the facilities provided.

The Down is for our and future generations

Read about our guidance for Dog Walkers visiting Magog Down here.

Old Newsletters

Up until 2011 we produced a twice-yearly Newsletter, and you can still download copies of some of these here:

pdf_logo_smallSpring/Summer 2011

pdf_logo_smallAutumn/Winter 2010

Spring 2010

Autumn/Winter 2009

Spring 2009

In 2011 the re-designed website was launched, and so the decision was taken to stop producing these Newsletters, and instead to use this website as the main means of communication for news and articles of interest.

This move away from a regular Newsletter meant that more of the Members' and Friends' subscriptions could be spent directly on the costs of upkeep and husbandry on the Down.

We would love every regular visitor to Magog Down to help support its upkeep by becoming a Friend. Read more on our Join Us page, and then complete the application form.