Summary table of 2014 bird sightings

This table shows all the bird sightings by the Stapleford Bird Club on their monthly visits, by month.

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Report of Stapleford Bird Club - December 2014

After four grey, damp meetings over the summer months we had a gloriously sunny morning on Saturday 5 December, but it was accompanied by a thick frost and seven members shivered their way around the Magog Down. The car park was full of birds: four magpies, three robins, four fieldfares, two redwings, four greenfinches, a goldfinch, a male bullfinch, a blue tit, a great tit, a chaffinch, and four blackbirds.

Moving onto the North Down, Youth Wood yielded three blackbirds and overhead flew three fieldfares and a redwing. Three meadow pipits flew up from the ground as we walked past and then settled again. At the end of Youth Wood by the gate were a great tit and a wren. The Old Shelter Belt and Magog Wood were quiet apart from a wren, as was the clunch pit on Little Trees Hill. At the upper end of Colin’s Wood there were half a dozen fieldfares in the trees and in the hedge between the Feoffees Fields and Parish Pit were two robins, plus a rabbit running for cover as we came along. In the far Feoffees Field were half a dozen wood pigeons and the same number of rooks and crows (we are now calling them ‘c/rooks’ as we are having difficulty in distinguishing between the two at a distance!). A jackdaw flew overhead and in the distance were two gulls possibly black headed.

The bottom end of the clunch pit was full of wood pigeons but was otherwise silent. Villedomer Wood contained a fieldfare and blackbird. The power lines area was silent but as we walked down past the arable fields five black headed gulls and one herring gull flew over, plus a magpie. In the hedge we saw a couple of small brown silent birds, possibly dunnocks, but the sun was dazzling and we couldn’t see them clearly. Near the end of the hedge were three blackbirds.

In the old woodland just outside our territory a buzzard flew down into the trees, sending up several wood pigeon. There were at least half a dozen redwings and four blackbirds flying ahead of us on the path, back and forth between Vestey Wood and the old wood. Also there were several great tits, a chaffinch, two magpies and a squirrel. At the corner turning up the A1307 were a blackbird, great tit and robin and further up another robin and a magpie flying over.

The sheep fields were quiet: another magpie, two crows and wood pigeons, plus a gull flying over. At the top of the hill were a couple of long tailed tits. We finished up taking the path back down across the North Down as we were cold! In Youth Wood we saw a meadow pipit in a bush and three more rising from the ground, a blackcap, blackbird and two redwing. In all, despite the cold we had a good morning and saw 23 species.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday 3 January in the Magog Down car park at 8.30 am.  

                                          Sue Bradley

Birds on Magog Down

We publish the monthly reports of Stapleford Bird club here, plus other occasional bird-related articles; hot links in each report will take you to the RSPB information page for each bird spotted.

The gallery below shows a random six of the birds that have been seen on Magog Down.

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