Summary table of 2014 bird sightings

This table shows all the bird sightings by the Stapleford Bird Club on their monthly visits, by month.

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Report of Stapleford Bird Club - September 2014

On a cloudy/drizzly Saturday 6 September at 8 am five birdwatchers met in the car park of the Magog Down where they saw/heard a magpie, jay, robin, crow, chaffinch, long tailed tit and three wood pigeons. Halfway up North Down they saw a kestrel and jay and at the top a great tit and three crows.

In the clunch pit on Little Trees Hill a robin was heard while on the Down two jackdaws, a rook and magpie were seen and five greylag geese flew overhead. In the hedge by Jane’s Piece and the parish pit were three dunnocks and a chiffchaff, and a green woodpecker was heard. At the bottom end of the clunch pit a robin and wren were heard and at the top end of South Down were two magpies, a jay and rook. In the hedge alongside Villedomer Wood a dunnock was heard while in the hedge beyond the power lines were a robin, dunnock and yellowhammer plus two kestrels. In Vestey Wood two great tits and a wren were heard and a jay and two magpies seen.

Walking up alongside the A1307 (normally very quiet) a chiffchaff and great tit were in the hedge while in the arable field was a grey partridge, two crows, and four jackdaws. On South Down were four crows, five rooks, five jackdaws, a magpie and kestrel and in Memorial Wood were two great tits.

On the final stretch along the A1307 and Haverhill Road were a chiffchaff, robin and magpie. In all 18 species were counted and many thanks to the members of the bird group who compiled the list while I was on holiday.

Our next meeting will be on Saturday 4 October at 8 am in the car park.

               Sue Bradley


Birds on Magog Down

We publish the monthly reports of Stapleford Bird club here, plus other occasional bird-related articles; hot links in each report will take you to the RSPB information page for each bird spotted.

The gallery below shows a random six of the birds that have been seen on Magog Down.

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  • Bullfinch female.jpg
  • Mistle thrush.jpg
  • Great tit.jpg
  • Whitethroat male.jpg
  • Fieldfare.jpg