Summary table of 2014 bird sightings

This table shows all the bird sightings by the Stapleford Bird Club on their monthly visits, by month.

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Report of Stapleford Bird Club - January 2014

Our first meeting of 2014 (Saturday 4 January) took place on a very wet, windy and gloomy morning when five brave bird watchers turned up despite the awful weather. As the rain and wind attacked us we found it hard to see or hear any birds so we decided to reverse our route, going via the dog field and Colin’s Wood up on to the Down.

In the car park we saw two magpies and a blackbird. In the hedge behind the notice board six goldfinches flew up and in the hedge between the entrance road and dog field we saw two greenfinches, a chaffinch and a blackbird. Colin’s Wood was silent but we heard a blackbird by the Parish Pit. Jane’s Piece and the Feoffees Fields were empty and looked a miserable sight in the rain! We walked up to the top of the Down, past the Clunch Pit on Little Trees Hill which was silent and were rewarded with approximately 30 goldfinches flying overhead. (I frequently see a large flock of goldfinches feeding in the rough strip of land running between the Old Shelter Belt and Little Trees Hill.)  In the distance we saw a gull flying over, too far for us to identify.
At the far end of the Old Shelter Belt we were surprised to see that, despite the rain, insects were flying. We heard a long tailed tit and in Youth Wood we saw two blue tits, a great tit and blackbird. By this time we had had enough of the weather so we made our way back to the car park where in the picnic field we watched a green woodpecker feeding on the ground. In the car park we saw a blackbird and robin. In all we listed 11 species and despite the elements we managed to enjoy our abbreviated walk!
On Saturday 11 January it was decided that the time had come to start providing food for the birds so, once again, many thanks to those of you who contributed towards the cost of this by donating to the Magog Trust. So far I have seen blackbirds, a chaffinch and a wood pigeon feeding there. Do let us know (via the Magog Trust Admin email) if you see anything interesting. Watch out for a flock of about a dozen greenfinches that have been seen in the car park and a kestrel (which I saw catching a small mammal - possibly a vole? - in the rough strip where the goldfinches feed).
Our next meeting will be on Saturday 1 February at 8.30am in the car park. We hope to see you there.                                                                                                                  Sue Bradley


Birds on Magog Down

We publish the monthly reports of Stapleford Bird club here, plus other occasional bird-related articles; hot links in each report will take you to the RSPB information page for each bird spotted.

The gallery below shows a random six of the birds that have been seen on Magog Down.

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  • Wood pigeon.jpg
  • Whitethroat male.jpg