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Report from Stapleford Bird Club - 10th August 2013

Five birdwatchers met in the car park of the Magog Down on Saturday 10 August (apologies for the late change of date to anyone who turned up a week earlier!) on a cool, cloudy morning.

The car park was very quiet and we heard only a robin and blackbird. Walking up the North Down alongside Youth Wood we heard another robin and possibly a goldfinch. Two wood pigeons, two crows and a gull flew overhead but nothing was visible on the ground due to the length of the grass. The Old Shelter Belt was very quiet (although half a dozen partridge were seen there later in the week – type not identified). Little Trees Hill was also quiet although three lesser black-backed gulls flew overhead and a magpie was heard. In the direction of Colin’s Wood and the Parish Pit we heard a blackcap and a dunnock, plus unidentifiable murmurings.

In the Feoffees Field were half a dozen rooks and beyond in the arable fields where a tractor was busy were a number of gulls, too far away to identify. As we walked past the clunch pit we heard a wren and two chaffinches were at the top end of Villedomer Wood. Halfway down Villedomer Wood about half a dozen small birds flew from the hedge into the wood: two blue tits flew right but the remaining four who flew left were not identified. On the wires were two linnets and near Vestey Wood two great tits were heard in the hedge. Several other small birds, possibly whitethroats, were flying in the hedge but we were unable to see them clearly and they were silent! On the arable field where the stubble had been ploughed there were at least 150 corvids (mainly rooks) and 100+ gulls including lesser black-backed and herring gulls.

Vestey Wood was silent apart from a robin but a great spotted woodpecker was heard as we walked alongside the A1307 and a green woodpecker was flying across the South Down. As we walked down the hill towards the car park we glimpsed about 20 small birds flying from the A1307 above the trees, too far away to identify them. In the picnic field was a magpie but the car park was quiet.

In all we were able to identify definitely 16 species and probably another 3 – a quiet morning – but August usually is for birdsong. We hope to see and hear more on our next outing on Saturday 7 September at 8 am in the car park.   

                                  Sue Bradley