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Report from Stapleford Bird Club - 5th January 2013

On 5th January five birdwatchers met on the Magog Down, finding it hard to see anything in the gloomy light! In the car park we saw a robin, magpie, two male blackbirds, two blue tits, a greenfinch and a wood pigeon. We possibly heard a redpoll but were unable to see it.

Moving onto North Down and Youth Wood we saw a chaffinch, great tit, four greenfinches, two blackbirds, a blue tit, a second chaffinch and two more blackbirds and possibly heard a song thrush. We had a very good view of a kestrel sitting on top of a tree, watching it for several minutes before it flew off. Two groups, each of eight gulls, flew over side by side, and two crows and several wood pigeons.

Walking through Magog Wood towards Little Trees Hill we saw or heard two chaffinches, a great tit and blackbird and four jackdaws flew over the Down. We had a very close view of the kestrel again, this time sitting on a fence post by the bowl barrow. We also thought we could identify a solitary fieldfare on a tree on Little Trees Hill plus a large numbers of pigeons.

Moving down to Jane’s Piece we saw a buzzard sitting with its back to us on a fence post on the far side of the Feoffees Field. We watched it for several minutes and it was undisturbed by our presence. I have now seen a buzzard sitting on that fence on half a dozen occasions, once briefly flying down on to the ground before flying back on to the fence post.

As we passed the far side of Little Trees Hill we possibly heard a mistle thrush. Walking down to the telegraph posts it was very quiet with no birds on the wires but we saw a chaffinch and blackbird, and there were numerous wood pigeons in the arable field plus 12 or so rooks, possibly with some crows (too gloomy to identify clearly at a distance!). Vestey Wood was quiet apart from a robin as was the path adjacent to the A1307, although above the traffic noise we saw or heard a robin, great tit, pheasant and possibly the same four jackdaws.

The South Down was also quiet apart from two crows, possibly because the sheep had gone. All was quiet on the path between the A1307 and Youth Wood but as we returned to the car park via the picnic area we saw two magpies again, a robin, great tit, blue tit, four blackbirds, a green finch and two long tailed tits.

In all 16 species of birds were seen or heard. Our next bird watching meeting will be on Saturday 2nd February when we hope it will be lighter and warmer!

Sue Bradley