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Report from Stapleford Bird Club
 - 3rd March 2012

(This report is an edited version of the one which appeared in the Stapleford Messenger)

Eight of us started on the usual route alongside Youth Wood where a solitary blackbird was noted and the call of a skylark heard, followed by the siting of three skylark in skittish mood.

A chaffinch was heard in Magog Wood and a robin noted in the pit clearing as well as two or three long-tailed tits at the top of Little Trees Hill. One or two magpies were seen in this area together with calls heard from a couple of jays. We saw another blackbird by the perimeter of the Parish Pit while a single fieldfare was spotted on the ground while the group walked along Janeís Piece followed almost immediately by a flock of around 30 flying overhead.

Robin, chaffinch, blackbird and blue tits were observed in VilledÙmer wood with skylarks heard and seen over the South Down and adjacent field. A lively group of 3 or 4 dunnock were seen in the hedgerow together. More chaffinches and a great tit were ground feeding by Vestey Wood.

Only a robin and a chaffinch were recorded in Memorial Wood, but a quantity of rooks and crows, together with 2 or 3 jackdaws were in the sheep pastures, along with a group of fieldfares. On a post in the pasture sat a kestrel, clearly of no concern to the several pigeons on nearby posts. Returning to the car park along the south side of Magog Wood only a robin and a couple of long-tailed tits were observed, together with a wren, near the car park entrance.  4 goldfinches and a greenfinch were the last observations of the outing, in the car park itself.

The count  for the visit was 19 species.

The next visit will be on 14th April at 8am.