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Report from Stapleford Bird Club - 5th February 2011

What a breezy day for the monthly bird walk! Eight birders started their usual walk on Saturday 6th February listening to the call of several skylarks over the down. As they moved up the slope they witnessed 4 or 5 pairs cavorting together, and some even spotted one pair, endeavouring to ensure there would be eggs in the nest!!

The blustery wind made spotting any hedgerow birds difficult to find although some 8 blackbirds were noted at a number of spots around the walk. A flock of some 50 black-headed gulls overflew – battling into a head wind. Magpies were seen variously around the walk. Only 2 crows were noted and a few great tits in bush tops and one robin in full winter song in the Memorial Wood.

As we walked down towards, and also along the arable, the field and hedgerows were devoid of visible bird life. It was not until we were walking on the path along the southern side of Magog Wood (a chaffinch heard here) that we observed a mixed flock of fieldfare and starling in the lea of Villedômer wood. Numbering 150 + there may have been redwing also amongst them but we were too far away to identify them.

A solitary greenfinch was heard as we walked through the “dog” area which brought our grand total to 12 species.