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Report from Stapleford Bird Club - 2nd January 2010

Seven birders gathered in the Magog Trust car park on 2nd January, for the first walk of 2010. It was brilliantly sunny morning, though the temperature was just below freezing. As usual, we logged our first species without taking a step - blackbird (13), magpie (5), greenfinch (2) and redwing (8).

Unlike some recent walks, there seemed to be birds aplenty although some areas, such as Magog Wood, were still very quiet. By the SW corner of Little Trees Hill, there was much activity involving a number of great tits (7), wren, long-tailed tits (7) and blue tits (2).

As we walked around the arable land, we came across more blackbirds, redwing and robins (10). Fieldfare (7) were moving through the hedgrows. In this area and the adjacent farm land, gulls were notable by their absence as on recent walks. Only a few black-headed gulls (9) were drifting around.

On the return walk, as we approached Little Trees Hill again, a charm of goldfinch (8) was very active in the edge of the trees. There were no sheep on the grazing land and as a result, Corvids were almost completely absent; we only recorded rook (4) and crows (3) throughout the walk, not a single jackdaw.

Back in the car park, we added a song thrush to our tally. We recorded a total of 20 species.