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Report from Stapleford Bird Club - 5th September 2009

On the 5th September a dozen of us (including 3 fresh faces) left the car park in clear sky conditions. There was a slight breeze but bird watching conditions were ideal. Unfortunately there were not many birds to see!! Apart from overflying lesser black-backed gulls and a magpie or two we noted virtually nothing until we reached the eastern end of the old Magog wood. There at the far side of the barrow restoration work a green woodpecker called and appeared briefly. Our first robin was noted in this wood too.

As we emerged at the end of Jane’s Piece (another blank zone!) a call was heard, of what the majority thought might have been a chiffchaff. Later in the walk one was positively identified by its call. Crows, rooks and jackdaws were feeding both on the stubble and amongst the sheep.

Two swallows and a 3 or 4 house martins were seen skimming the arable field at the southern end and a chaffinch and blue tit were noted in Vestey wood. Several juvenile yellowhammers flew back and forth along the hedge on the western side of the arable field.

Although we only recorded 15 species of birds some of us had good views of a number of butterflies including Painted Lady, Speckled Wood, Red Admiral, Copper Blue and Small White.