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Report from Stapleford Bird Club - 5th 
December 2009

After overnight rain, nine birders were greeted by a brilliant sunny morning on December 5th. As is often the case, the car park proved to be a good spot for seeing common and not so common species – great tit (8), blue tit (7), goldfinch (3) and magpie (8).

As we were about to start the walk, a more interesting bird perched in a small tree giving us excellent well lit views. After some study, it was identified as a meadow pipit – its look-alike, the tree pipit, migrates south in September.

Passing Youth Wood, a solitary fieldfare (2) flew overhead. The rapidly rising sun made viewing to the South difficult so the shade of Magog Wood was welcome, though the only sighting was a jay (1). The edge of Little Trees Hill was alive with great and blue tits plus long-tailed tits (4). A little further on, the chestnut back of a kestrel caught our eye as it took off from the trees and gave us a superb demonstration of hovering on the SW wind.

From Jane's Piece to Vestey Wood, we saw only one bird, a robin (1). Then it became quite busy, with more long-tailed tits, yellowhammer (2), great tits and another solitary fieldfare. The walk back up to Magog Wood was very quiet, only when we drew near to the sheep feeding at the NW corner of the grazing land did we see more birds - a mixture of crows (7), jackdaws (20) and rooks (17). The walk was punctuated with sightings of blackbirds (12) and occasional overflying black-headed gulls (8), unusually the only species of gull seen. The walk yielded 18 species in total.