Become a friend

We would love each visitor to the Magog Down to help us to look after this special piece of countryside by becoming a Friend of Magog Down.

Your contribution will enable us to keep this spot beautiful, today and in years to come. Read more on the Join us page, or simply complete the application form. The Direct Debit option via CAF is no longer available; we plan to have a new payment platform later in 2021 when we re-launch the website.


Additional Trustees welcome

We are always open to enquiries from anyone who may wish to consider joining us as a Trustee of the Magog Trust. There is a surprising amount and variety of aspects involved in owning and managing our 163.5 acre parcel of land, so anyone considering this will need to be able to make time to get involved as required.

The Trustees all have the status of Directors of the Charitable Company. These positions are voluntary and as such no salary is attached, although reasonable expenses will be re-imbursed.

If you have any skills and experience in particular which you think would benefit the Magog Trust as a Trustee, and/or for further information, please email

Other positions

The Magog Trust has no employees, so there are no salaried positions available. (Practical work on the Down is largely carried out by contractors, and administration and book-keeping is also provided on a self-employed basis, which keeps costs to a minimum.)

We welcome Volunteers who are willing to give their time to help in various ways. See the Volunteering page for further information about the range of tasks that we would like help with.

Car Park Opening

CURRENT: Summer opening:
beg April - mid September    8am - 8pm

Autumn opening:
mid September - end October  8am - 6pm

Winter opening:
beg. November - mid Feb:  8am - 5pm

Spring opening:
mid February - end March      8am - 6pm

Map of the Down

magog_trust_map_453Click on map to view at larger size.
(Opens a Pop-up window; you may have to re-size the new window and zoom in to actually see the map at a larger size!)