Magog Down

Health and safety

The Magog Trust will take all reasonably practicable measures to ensure the safety of all site users (including members, visitors, contractors and commercial users) and to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.

Public Access

Appropriate measures are taken to ensure the safety of the general public. These include:

  • Measures to limit or segregate activities which may result in risk to others in the vicinity. This includes banning of wheeled leisure items (kite buggies, bicycles etc) and horses, and restriction of dogs to 'on lead only' for the principal area of public access, the North Down.
  • Restriction of access by the public, and appropriate warning notices, to areas of increased risk.
  • Maintenance of safe pathways with appropriate surfaces, and appropriate steps, handrails etc where necessary at changes of level.
  • Provision and maintenance of clear and effective barriers where the down abuts adjacent roads with fast traffic.
  • Provision of adequate information to enable the public to summon emergency services if required.
  • Maintenance of a record of any reported accidents which occur on the down, and taking effective measures to minimise recurrence.
  • Ensuring that permanent installations (eg stiles) are designed to the safest reasonably practicable standards, and comply with any statutory requirement.
  • Provision of suitable and safe temporary welfare facilities for all planned events on the Down, and a recorded risk assessment and designated supervisor(s) for temporary installations.
  • Management of vehicular movement on site for maximum visibility and safety.

Health & Safety at Work

A risk assessment is available for use by persons working on the down. This covers only risks specifically associated with the site. It is to be issued to all contractors and commercial users, for use in conjunction with their own task-based risk assessments, which must adequately cover the actual operations involved.

The Magog Trust will make appropriate enquiries to ensure that all persons working, or managing work, on the Down (agricultural tenants and contractors) use all appropriate health & Safety measures. This will be taken into account when awarding tenancies and contracts.

The Magog Trust will provide adequate training and a safe working environment for Trust employee(s) and volunteers. A written risk assessment will be prepared for any task on which five or more persons will be involved, and a supervisor, responsible for compliance with identified controls, will be designated.

Policy review

This policy and associated documents are reviewed at least annually. Relevant safety measures will also be reviewed within 6 weeks of any serious accident (an occurrence which would be notifiable under RIDDOR, Reporting of the incidence of dangerous Diseases, and Occurrences Regulations legislation). Reviews are carried out by the land Committee, and any changes reported to the full management Committee for adoption.

Policy adopted 8 June 2000; reviewed 27 April 2021.