Image Gallery of The Magog Down

We have on file thousands of images taken over the years, some showing flora and fauna, others showing the many and wonderful views from the Down at different times of year, and yet more showing some of the activities that take place on the Down.

This Gallery now shows you a random dozen from just a small selection of some of our favourite images (refresh your browser to see a different set of pictures).

  • Psathyrella species_web.JPG
  • FlaxDSC_0017.JPG
  • IMG_0701.JPG
  • Cowslips Paddocks_web.JPG
  • Autumn_BirdStrip_26OCT15_crop1000.JPG
  • Spotted Orchid July14_web.jpg
  • Magog Snow Jan13 066.jpg
  • Magog_BeakedHawksbeard_May08.jpg
  • IMG_0746.JPG
  • IMG_0723.JPG
  • Magog0006_sheep.jpg
  • Rockrose 96540003_web.jpg