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Wildflowers and other flowering plants

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the many flowers and shrubs to be found growing at Magog Down. Most of these articles include lovely descriptions and history about the plants, written for us over the years by plant pathologist David Yarham. Some articles have been updated recently with new photos of the plants thriving thanks to our Rangers' careful management.

We welcome visitors' photos to help enrich our website, so if you have any you'd like to submit, do send them along to photos 'at' Perhaps you've spotted a wildflower that is not yet featured here?

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Magog Trust

Toadflax - Linaria vulgaris

1st Sep 2019

Toadflax flourishes in meadows, dry, rough grassy places and roadsides.  It has distinctive showy snapdragon-like yellow…read more

Magog Trust

Traveller’s Joy or Old Man’s Beard - Clematis vitalba

1st Dec 2019

The 16th century English botanist John Gerard named this clematis Traveller’s Joy after seeing it adorning wayside…read more

Magog Trust

Venus's Looking-glass - Legousia hybrida

2nd Apr 2000

The change of use from intensive arable farming to grassland and woodland has obviously greatly enriched the flora of the…read more

Magog Trust

White Bryony - Bryonia dioica

1st Oct 1994

Autumn is the time for berries and amongst the brightest to be found on Magog Down this year have been those of the white…read more

Magog Trust

White Helleborine - Cephalanthera damasonium

1st Jun 2019

The White Helleborine is an orchid, and listed as vulnerable in conservation status, in that it faces a high risk of extinction…read more

Magog Trust

Wild Carrot - Daucus carota

1st Sep 2017

Like wild parsnips, wild carrots belong to the Family Umbelliferae - so called because its members bear their flowers in…read more

Magog Trust

Wild Mignonette - Reseda lutea

1st May 2019

Look out for the greenish-yellow spires of this flower, seen from May to September in grassy places on the Magog Down. The…read more

Magog Trust

Wild Parsnip - Pastinaca sativa

1st Jul 2020

Wild Parsnip is a tall biennial plant which can grow to nearly 2 metres. It favours dry grassy habitats, particularly chalk…read more

Magog Trust

Woolly Thistle - Cirsium eriophorum

5th Aug 2019

The impressive Woolly Thistle can be seen in flower on the North Down from July to September. It can grow to 1.5 metres,…read more

Magog Trust

Yarrow - Achillea millefolium

1st Sep 2021

Yarrow is abundant in all kinds of grassy places.  The flowers which appear in the Autumn are in dense, flat topped…read more

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Pasque Flower

One of our Friends sent us this beautiful picture of some Pasque Flowers taken in amongst the Cowslips in May 2016.pasqueflower_jb_may2016_crop_453

Photo by Jill Butler