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Car Park Opening

CURRENT: Summer opening:
beg April - mid September    8am - 8pm

Autumn opening:
mid September - end October  8am - 6pm

Winter opening:
beg. November - mid Feb:  8am - 5pm

Spring opening:
mid February - end March      8am - 6pm

Car Parking and stickers - FAQ

Q: Why is there now a charge for car parking?

A: Car parking at Magog Down had been free since the site opened to visitors in 1991, and this was partly supported by a Natural England grant which included an element for providing Open Access. That long-term grant agreement ended in October 2018.

We first stated our intention to introduce car parking charges "when current grants finish" in the Spring of 2016, and have always encouraged regular visitors to support the costs of maintenance by becoming Friends. But our surveys and monitoring consistently showed that only a very small proportion of visitors were Friends, while most were making no contribution at all. The introduction of a car parking charge in January 2019 now ensures that all visitors are helping to support the costs of maintenance. Parking remains free for those who pay an annual subscription and display their up to date "I'm a Friend" car sticker.

Q: Is parking still free for Blue Badge holders?

A: NO. The £3 per day parking charge applies to all visitors. There are of course designated parking spaces for disabled visitors, and the "easy access" path around North Down means that even the least mobile of our visitors can still enjoy the best views in Cambridgeshire.

Q:  How can I get a Friend car sticker for free parking?

A:  Just sign up to Become a Friend: download our application form.

Q:  I've applied, how quickly will my car sticker arrive?

A:  Within three weeks from your payment: we acknowledge all applications by email within five days, and with that Welcome email there will be a temporary note that you can print to allow you free parking while you wait.

We do not despatch your full annual car sticker/s until after we've received payment. Note that in the case of a Direct Debit via CAF, your payment will be for a future date, and it then takes a couple more weeks before we can verify receipt of the money.

 Q:  I already have a Friend car sticker - is it still valid?

A: Check the date! The current stickers show an unambiguous specific expiry date, eg "expires 31 August 2021". They are issued after receipt of payment.

If you have a sticker showing just "2019-20", THAT IS NO LONGER VALID - as of 30th April 2020. Nor are the 2018-19, 2017 or 2016 stickers, obviously. Please get in touch to update your subscription if your sticker is any of thoseSee more about car stickers validity...

Q:  As an existing Friend/Member, when will I get a new car sticker?

A: If you pay by Standing Order or Direct Debit you can expect to receive new sticker/s in the second half of the month following your annual payment. This is because we reconcile all payments after the end of each month, and then run off those renewal letters in a big batch. This keeps our costs low so that more of your money can go towards upkeep on the Down - thank you!

A: If you pay only as a one-off (whether by cheque, cash or online banking) you'll need to make a payment in order to receive new sticker/s; we hope that the date on your sticker wil serve as a useful reminder, since we can't always guarantee to send any other reminder. We often get swamped by other work, so please allow up to four weeks from payment before delivery of your new sticker/s.

Q:  I've received a car sticker I don't need - what should I do?

A:  We send one sticker by default to Individual subscribers, and two stickers to Family subscribers. If you have received one you don't need, or two when you only need one, then please do let us know so that we can update our records. Now that a sticker allows free parking, we can no longer claim Gift Aid on those subscriptions, and in fact have to pay VAT on the transaction; hence, if you decline a car sticker your subscription is worth 50% more to us - thank you!

Just send the unwanted sticker back to our Registered Office address, with a note, so that we can update our records.

Q:  I no longer need my car sticker, can I get a refund on the remaining validity period?

A: NO.  Your Friend subscription is a commitment to support the ongoing work of The Magog Trust in maintaining Magog Down; the sticker allowing a year of free parking is a perk of this subscription. We do not issue refunds.

Q:  Can I get an extra car sticker for my other car?

A: NO.  As a Friend at Individual rate, you are entitled to one sticker only. A Family subscription entitles you to maximum of two car stickers, the subscription covering up to two adults at the same address.
If you currently pay as an Individual and wish to upgrade to Family, get in touch.

Q:  I've lost my car sticker, can I get a replacement?

A: YES, BUT  there is a charge of £10 for replacing lost stickers; this charge is to cover the additional administration costs. The replacement sticker will have the same expiry date as your lost one.

Q:  My 'sticker' doesn't stick!

A: How clean is your car windscreen?!  The 'stickers' we have produced are in fact a 'static self-cling' style (chosen so as not to leave a sticky residue on your windscreen after they're removed). Once peeled off their paper backing, they should stick easily to your windscreen. If you find that yours doesn't want to stick, try cleaning the windscreen first and that should improve matters.

Manufacturer's technical spec is as follows:
- Both sides adhere securely on clean glass
- Minimum application temperature: +10°C
- Temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
- Take care applying to cold glass as initial adhesion will be reduced.

Become a Friend

If you value Magog Down and would like to help keep it open for all to enjoy, why not contribute towards the costs of upkeep by making a donation or becoming a Friend? Friends also park for Free! (For other visitors, a daily charge of £3 is now in force.)

It costs £15 per year for an Individual to be a Friend, or £25 for a Family subscription (entitled to two car parking stickers). There is more information on our Join Us page, or just click on the link below to sign up.


Magog Down is managed largely by Volunteers: Trustees who give their time freely, and many others who help with various practical tasks, whether as a regular commitment or on an occasional basis. Nevertheless, annual upkeep costs around £50-60,000, only a small portion of which is met by government grants.