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Car Park Opening

CURRENT: Summer opening:
beg April - late October    8am - 8pm

Winter opening:
late October - mid February:  8am - 5pm

Spring opening:
mid February - end March      8am - 6pm








Annual Car windscreen stickers

All current Members and Friends are entitled to an annual car windscreen sticker declaring "I'm a Friend of Magog Down". The latest stickers now allow holders to park for free (charging started in January 2019). See our News item for details of which car stickers are valid.

Do get in touch if you think you should have one but have not received it, or have lost it. New car stickers are now issued on renewal: so if you pay by Standing Order or Direct Debit in January, say, you can expect to receive your new sticker in the second half of February (and that will be valid for 12 months).

Bag it and Bin it!

There are ten bins for dog waste dotted around the site, and these are emptied by our contractor twice a week. The contract does not include picking up "stray" poo from the paths - we rely on responsible owners to bag and bin it themselves.

Courtesy of DogsTrust: "Scooper Hero" poster competition winner

Thank you for taking the time to place your own dog's poo in these bins, and thus helping to keep the paths clear for all visitors.



So many people make regular use of the Permissive Open Access on Magog Down, it is easy to forget that the whole area is privately owned, and access is permitted only within certain rules.

Why not read through the Rules of the Down before your next visit? (And see more detail here about recent changes). We also now maintain an FAQ to help in answering some common queries.

Covid-19 and visiting Magog Down - 12 May 2020

After reviewing the Risk Assessment, taking into consideration the Government Guidance of 11th May and making necessary arrangements, the Trustees are pleased to announce that the car park will re-open on Wednesday 13th May.

Also, after an absence of more than five months since its theft, the car park ticket machine is now back in operation, and there is a £3.00 parking charge for those who are not displaying an up to date "I'm a Friend" car sticker. This is still by necessity a coins-only machine; we are working on a cashless solution with renewed urgency.

Visitors are reminded to maintain social distancing with people not in your household, at 2m (about 6ft) apart throughout a visit to Magog Down.  Please keep dogs under control at all times, especially near other visitors, and on leads where requested.  Necessary precautions to prevent viral contamination should be taken when opening and closing gates, and using benches.

Enjoy your visit to Magog Down and do wash your hands on returning home.

Next Working Party: TO BE CONFIRMED

Sadly the first-Wednesday Volunteers' working parties for April and May had to be cancelled because of the Covid-19 outbreak. We'll be reviewing whether a working party can safely take place over the summer, and will update those on our relevant email list accordingly.

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

Information for new Friend applicants

Please allow up to three weeks for postal delivery of your car stickers
- but expect an email within five days, and check your Spam if not seen.

We've had a huge number of applications since the car park charging went live in January 2019. It's amazing to realise how many people visit Magog Down often enough to want to become Friends, and we continue to process applications in the order received. The Admin 'team' consists of just one person, so please be patient!

If you have not heard from us by email PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM!
We know that often our messages get filtered out, even when it is a simple reply, so do check in your Junk folder if you've asked for bank details in order to pay. Failing that, you can always call us: 07774 084595 and leave a message, we will get back to you.

Car Parking Charges began on 2nd January 2019

Do you know that:

  • Magog Down is run by a Charity – The Magog Trust
  • It costs around £50,000 a year to maintain

How many contribute to the costs of running and maintaining it? Friends and Members do, and their commitment is important to the charity.

  • To ensure its future we need the support of all visitors.

To encourage everyone who uses the Magog Down to pay towards these costs, the Trustees have decided to introduce a charge for car parking, except for Friends and Members. The parking charge is £3 a day.

The start date for charging was Weds 2nd January 2019autumn_woods_bench_453


skylark_250Skylarks (like the one in this picture) and various other species choose nest sites on the ground, including corn buntings, meadow-pipits, lapwings, plovers, various waders and game birds, Their nests usually consist of mere scrapes or depressions in the ground, sometimes left exposed, sometimes covered by grass or undergrowth.

These nests are, therefore, highly vulnerable to disturbance by humans and dogs, as well as natural prey, and if disturbed will probably be abandondoned – a sad sight. Please take care!

Magog Down has several pairs of skylarks over the downs and at least two pairs of partridges, another ground nesting species, have been spotted. Skylarks tend to choose their nest sites in tussocks of grass anywhere in the fields, while partridges site their nests close to a hedge or bush as a rule; these are usually well concealed.

We Showcase Your Photos

pasqueflower_anthonytwist_closeup_250We're always delighted to receive pictures taken on and from Magog Down.

In springtime one of our Friends spotted this Pasque Flower among the plentiful Cowslips on North Down. Our Your Photos page in the Gallery is there to showcase some of the pictures from our visitors. If you'd like to send in any you have taken, you can use the dedicated email address: photos 'at' 

We can't promise to use them all, and we do rely on you kindly allowing us to use them for free. We will always credit you by name, unless of course you tell us that you don't want that.  Maximum size we use for the website is 1000 pixels wide.

Seen something suspicious?

Any unusual or suspicious behavour you encounter when visiting Magog Down should be reported to the Police.

Call 999 if you are reporting a crime that is in progress or if someone is in immediate danger.

Call 101 to report crimes that are not an emergency. The local policing team is Sawston [link goes to their contacts page].

Join us


It costs around £50,000 per year to maintain the accessible parts of Magog Down, including the Ranger service, twice-weekly dog-bin emptying, regular grass cutting, fence and gate repairs, and forestry activities (not counting the cost of farming our arable section).

Grants and investment income do not fully meet these costs, so the Magog Trust looks for additional support from each visitor to the Down. Please become a Friend to help us look after this special piece of countryside, year after year.

Follow us on Twitter

larrybird2_60We now have a Twitter account, you can follow us there for news and updates.

Bird Club on Saturday 4th April under review

The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday 4th April, meeting in the car park at the earlier time of 8am; walks last about 2 hours.

Given the fast-moving situation of the Covid-19 outbreak, we will review the situation as to whether this can still safely take place, and confirm either way as soon as possible.

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

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REMINDER: Magog Down is a Drone-free Zone!

drone180_180Flying of drones (UAV) is not allowed over or from Magog Down unless for a defined project with written authorisation by Trustees of The Magog Trust.

Aircraft have always been forbidden, and in June 2015 the rules were updated to specifically exclude drones as well. We ask all visitors to abide by the Rules of the Down at all times. Thank you!

Privacy Policy

Do check out our Privacy Policy here for the details regarding how we process personal information.